Colorado boosts Renewable Energy Standard to 30%

Gov. Ritter thanks lawmakers for boosting renewable standard

Gov. Bill Ritter congratulated legislators for giving final approval on March 8, 2010 to House Bill 1001, which will increase Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard to 30 percent by 2020. This landmark legislation will create thousands of new jobs, provide Colorado with more clean energy and lead to 100,000 solar rooftops over the next decade.

“I want to thank legislators for their leadership in advancing Colorado’s nationally recognized New Energy Economy,” Gov. Ritter said. “This legislation will give Colorado the strongest renewable energy standard in the Rocky Mountain West and one of the highest standards in the nation.

“We are building a clean energy economy and a new energy future for Colorado, showing the rest of the country how to increase economic, energy and environmental security for generations to come. Thank you to the bill sponsors, Representatives Tyler and Pommer and Senators Schwartz and Whitehead, as well as all of the lawmakers who voted in favor of HB 1001, for keeping Colorado on the leading edge of America’s clean energy revolution.”

Colorado became the first state with a voter-approved Renewable Energy Standard in 2004 with the passage of Amendment 37, which set a 10 percent by 2015 goal. Gov. Ritter and lawmakers doubled the RES to 20 percent by 2020 in 2007.